Casual basics

 I figured I'll start with something basic, but relevant. In a world of ever evolving trends, it gets hard to keep up. But to me, there's always that one basic outfit that would always be acceptable. I admit, this is playing it incredibly safe, but there's just something about the simplicity of this set that … Continue reading Casual basics


Dotted with Orange

The summer vibe is once again strong in this one. I don't know what it is about orange this summer that has me all over it... but let's go with it. This set started up because of a contest on Polyvore. Its the very first contest I tried, and quite frankly, I didn't even know … Continue reading Dotted with Orange


F I N A L L Y. April 1, 2017, I graduated from my university with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I still can't decide if it was the longest four years of my life... or the quickest four years of my life. Maybe both? Either way, I made it, along with 85 other … Continue reading BSN, RN