My Trip: Australia

Hello, everyone! If you don't feel like reading about it much, then check out my Instagram for some of the pictures I snapped during my trip! Where do I even begin! I was so hyped for this trip, and to be honest, the hype lived up to it. I have nothing but amazing things to … Continue reading My Trip: Australia


Destination: Australia

Hello, everyone and anyone! As the title suggests, I have an upcoming trip to Australia next month! I am immensely excited. I have never been to Australia, but I have heard so many great things about the place. Now, this trip is happening all because of my dearest auntie. She happens to have a convention … Continue reading Destination: Australia

On the ‘dangers’ of female travel

As a female who seeks to travel to many many places in the future, I found this absolutely enlightening.

Road Essays

This could just be a story about countries deemed dangerous for women to travel to. But it’s more than that. This is a story about our perception of danger and how we’re told time and time again that the unfamiliar and the foreign are more dangerous to us than what is on our own doorstep.

A couple of months back, British tabloid the Daily Mail ran a story in their travel section titled ‘Sex attacks, muggings, and harassment: World’s most dangerous holiday destinations for women (and some of them may surprise you)’. The top ten list declared India; Brazil; Turkey; Thailand; Egypt; Colombia; South Africa; Morocco; Mexico; and Kenya to be the most dangerous countries for female travellers.

We’ll get back to that shortly.  First I want to tell you about a strange encounter I had in Medellin, Colombia in 2001.

After a hard couple of days travelling…

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