Destination: Australia

Hello, everyone and anyone! As the title suggests, I have an upcoming trip to Australia next month! I am immensely excited. I have never been to Australia, but I have heard so many great things about the place. Now, this trip is happening all because of my dearest auntie. She happens to have a convention at the Gold Coast, and she is basically just letting me tag along with her. We’ll be there for about one week. Within that one week, there’s really only two days that is being taken up by the convention itself, so that leaves five days to explore the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Now, some quick research on my part tells me that August is winter time there. Also, I’ve been recommended some places to check out like Mount Tamborine, Surfer’s Paradise, and Hinterland. I’ve arranged a tentative itinerary for sight-seeing, but there’s still a bit of down time left. I’d like to fill those in with more touring and sightseeing, but from what I’ve read up on, I’ve gotten the main attractions down already. So, I’d like some help from anyone who may know a thing or two about the Gold Coast. Have you been to the Gold Coast and Brisbane? Please do leave suggestions below! Would appreciate any info regarding the best places to see, the best way to get around,  and even what to bring!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Destination: Australia

  1. Australia might be my favorite country and Gold Coast is gorgeous! One touristy thing I loved was visiting Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – you can get your picture taken holding a koala and everything. Enjoy your trip!


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