Fashion trends tend to be cyclical.

This particular set was sparked by the backpack. These small backpacks have been so on trend lately. For me, they bring me back to my childhood. I remember when these were also on trend back then. I longed for one so badly. Because of the nostalgic feels the bag brought, it pushed me to work with it. Keeping up with my nostalgia was the halter top. I remember in the early 2000s, these halters were everywhere. (I may have had one or ten in my closet…). But to anchor it back to the present, I paired it with the boyfriend jeans that have also been a nice trend lately. I personally find them wicked comfy.

As for the accessories, I worked with a safe color palette that I could already see with the outfit. Red tones, blues, and neutrals. I love a good scarf, and because of the bold-ness of the top, I went with a plain white scarf to help balance it out. The blue shawl (which I’d much rather use as a headband) and the blue sun glasses ties back to the blue jeans. The more floral scarf, I just couldn’t resist including it. The color and the pattern drew me in and refused to let me press ‘remove.’ As for the shoes and phone case, I tied it back to the bag and kept it neutral.

The summer vibe is still going strong with this one.



Boohoo red halter top
1,215 PHP –

Wrap boyfriend fit jeans
6,975 PHP –

Fendi real leather backpack
74,930 PHP –

Salvatore ferragamo scarve
20,020 PHP –

STELLA McCARTNEY thin brown belt
12,560 PHP –

Tory burch eyewear
8,335 PHP –

Rag bone light blue shawl
4,800 PHP –

Tech accessory
1,965 PHP –

Shawl scarve
660 PHP –




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