Cool sunset

This particular set started out with the pineapple top. It caught my eye, and I just had to work with it. A lot of my earlier sets were very safe in terms of color schemes. But with this one, I wanted to branch out a bit more.

Undoubtedly, the predominant color for this set is definitely yellow. The pineapples on the shirt has a very warm and vibrant yellow which popped more as its framed by the green leaves. I warmed it up some more with the pink glasses and the scarf, and that palette screamed sunset to me. Because of how saturated the hues on the top was, I decided to mute it down a little for the bottom. Then, I added the tote and the bracelets to bring a cool contrast to the total outfit.

Admittedly, the whole thing still leans more to the warmer side, but hey! It is summer!

Cool sunset


WithChic racerback tank top
770 PHP –

Roxy beach sandals
1,970 PHP –

Paige Gamble beach tote
12,530 PHP –

Billabong bracelet
2,525 PHP –

Blue jewelry
1,515 PHP –

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses
8,460 PHP –

Dondup red scarve
3,235 PHP –





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