Casual basics

 I figured I’ll start with something basic, but relevant.
In a world of ever evolving trends, it gets hard to keep up. But to me, there’s always that one basic outfit that would always be acceptable. I admit, this is playing it incredibly safe, but there’s just something about the simplicity of this set that just makes it so classic. This definitely caters to my personal style no matter what trend is sweeping the fashion world. But its always good to remember, to each her own. That’s the best thing about fashion.
As far as the make up, these specific ones I stand by 100%. Its my basic go-to for “everyday” style. The foundation is on the pricy side, but a definite favorite… In its place could also be the L’Oreal infallible foundations. Those are also very reliable. The Tarte shadows can also be pricy, but this set is just so handy with all its neutral colors. You can literally use it in any setting, so you get your money’s worth. Warning, make sure to have set your eyelid before applying this to ensure a smoother blending. Made that mistake once, and holy crap was it patchy.
I tried to add my go-to brow pencil, but couldn’t find it on polyvore. But I did post about it once, and I still stand by it! The Etude one is still a fave for me. Its just really convenient for that quick application. Its a pretty thick crayon, but it helps for that swift application. If you’re looking for something that’ll be fine and more precise, stay away from it. But for those lazy days where you’re just looking to swipe and go, its perfect!
What are your thoughts on any of the pieces here?
Casual basics




Lareida white shirt
12,435 PHP –

Levi’s high-waisted jean shorts
2,960 PHP –

Athena Alexander wedge sandals
4,725 PHP –

Alex and Ani bangle bracelet
1,395 PHP –

Tarte eyeshadow
1,045 PHP –

Milani blush
400 PHP –

LORAC foundation

L Oréal Paris lip shine
400 PHP –

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Ll Eyeliner
850 PHP –

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